"Precarious Constructs" was a group show at Venus Knitting Art Space in Bushwick (Dec 9 to Dec 18 2016).  It included new and older sculpture as well as drawings.

"Lightly Structured" was a group exhibit at Sculpture Space NYC curated by Patricia Zarate (Dec 2 2016 to Jan 28 2017).  The installation included the splinter sculptures from 2014, a 2016 balsa work, and a 2016 splinter sculpture made while sitting on the gallery floor during installation.

This gallery presents my most recent sculpture:  finished work, pieces that were finished then became materials for other work, and work in progress.

These sculptures are built of paint-flecked splinters that I collected while making other series of work.  Each is likely to be smaller than the images you are viewing.

These drawings, of vellum and thread, are based on photographs of Japan after the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. I donate ten percent of each sale to The Japan Society.
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